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CimFAX fax server is a smart device that works with your pc, tablet and smart phone.
With CimFAX, you can send electronic documents to fax machines. Paper or ink is not needed any more. Eliminate your costs on paper and cartridge. It sends and receives faxes automatically, which can greatly improve your productivity in faxing.
For paper notes or invoices, you just need to take a picture and fax it from you phone. You can also send bulk fax at a scheduled time to fax machines all around the world.
Wherever you are, you can get instant alert in CimFAX APP when there're incoming faxes. You can view the fax, add remarks on it or sign on it then reply. Or forward the signed contract to your boss. Meanwhile, you can get faxes in your email. Or have them auto saved in network shared folder, as PDF files, for easy access. All team members get new fax at the same time, so critical faxes will be timely processed.
CimFAX also has pbx function. Users can have their own extensions and have faxes goes right into their computers or phones.
In addition, all faxes sent and received are stored on CimFAX fax server, which means that you can retrieve any fax any time you want.
CimFAX is your in-house device. Faxes do not go through third-party. Instead, they are sent out via your telephone line. So your confidential information is secured. Get CimFAX. Connect it to your phone line. Keep your fax number. There's no additional fee, no more paper or ink. Fax electronically and environmentally.