CimFAX W5 Ultimate Two-Port Fax Server High Speed Paperless Fax Machine Send and Receive Fax from Phone/PC

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  1. Right click or drag and drop documents to send fax (On Windows and Mac computer).
  2. Save fax in the form of PDF on your computer. No need to print out. No more paper jam or ink shortage. Save money.
  3. Forward inbound fax to your email as PDF attachment. 
  4. Add e-sign on fax.
  5. One tap to send fax (On smart phones).
  6. Remote access. Send and receive fax anytime anywhere.
  7. No monthly fees. In-house fax server. Safe and secure. 
  8. Auto save fax in assigned folder as PDF file. 

  9. 33.6 kbps high speed fax transmission.
  10. 100 users licensed to send and receive fax from 100 computers. Users can click to send fax at the same time. No more waiting. 
  11. Independent of computers. No need to keep computer running all the time. Works 24/7. 
  12. 16GB Large storage. Stores more than 320,000 pages of faxes.
  13. Two ports. Takes 2 fax lines. SDK provided for seamless integrate into your system. 

    Standard Edition Professional Edition Professional Edition Two-Line Ultimate Edition Two-Line
    Models A5 / B5 / C5 H5 T5 W5
    Storage 256MB/1GB/2GB 4GB  8GB   16GB 
    Users 5 / 10 / 20 100 200 400
    Fax Speed 14.4 kbps 33.6 kbps 33.6 kbps 33.6 kbps