How to send a fax from computer?

About CimFAX

CimFAX fax server is a cost-effective paperless fax device  with which you can send fax just from your windows and mac computer and your smart phones. It helps secure your information, save your time and save your money.

Secure your information: CimFAX is an in-house device. Your confidential information doesn't have to go through any third party like those online fax services. 

Save your time:  Send fax by right-clicking/finger-taping/drag and drop. You can get faxes in your email as PDF attachments. Or have them auto saved in network shared folder, as PDF files, for easy access. Lessen your fax process to one. 

Save your money: you don't have to print out all the faxes any more. Faxes are saved in your computer/phone or in your email. No more frustration over paper jam or ink shortage. You just have to pay once and for all. No monthly subscription. No page limit. Send bulk fax at off-peak time. 

Please note: You will need a landline.

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CimFAX has long been marked as "Amazon's Choice for Fax Server" on Amazon and 40% customer who were going to buy a traditional fax machine chose CimFAX at the end to replace their old fax machine.

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  • One Click to Send Fax

    Right click (on Windows) or drag and drop (on Mac) to send a fax. Add a fax cover page if you need. 

  • Fax Forward to Email

    Inbound faxes are sent to your email by CimFAX as PDF attachment. Just tap to open and view. Easy to check.​

  • Auto Save as PDF

    Faxes can be auto saved as PDF files to folders on your computer.

  • Remote Login

    Login CimFAX remotely on your phone, tablet or computer to to send and receive faxes.

  • One Tap to Send Fax

    To send a fax from smart phone. Choose a file. Clip. Enter fax number. Tap to send.

  • E-Sign on Fax

    Sign directly (Mobile app) or add a signature (Windows app) on fax. 


Do I need a land line or can I fax documents from my phone?

Yes you need a landline. And yes you can receive faxes on your cellphone and computer. 

Do you have to have a dedicated phone line for this server? Can I use an existing business line?

Yes, you can use your existing business line. You do not need to wire a dedicated phone line.

Is the received file in the form of a PDF?

It can be received in the form of either PDF or tiff. 

Can I fax from multiple locations? my staff work remotely. we use one fax # for all.

Yes, you can fax from multiple locations with just one CimFAX fax server. On computer desktop. You can also receive fax by email on mobile devices. 

Does your computer have to be on all the time to get a fax forwarded to email?

No you don't have to keep your computer running all the time to get fax or get fax forwarded to your email.

Is this free shipping?

Yes, free shipping to most of the countries.

What operating systems is the client software compatible with?

Currently, Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Android 5.0 and above, iOS 8.0 and above, OSX 10.11 and above.

Where do I find support for this product?

Here's the link to download software for this product: For more support, please contact our technical support via this email:, or

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